Bitch Goes Viral

What do you do when you’re about to crack with boredom? Well, Bitch team pondered this recently and decided to…make videos!

With the official BITCH launch quickly approaching, we wanted to demonstrate a little more what the BITCH ethos is all about. We’ve made a series of videos over the previous weeks, which may or may not have been based on personal experiences! Being tightly ingrained into the women’s movement, we’re sure you’ll recognise some moments yourself or at the very least, be able to relate to the challenges the BITCH faces day to day through this series, all at the same time having a bit of a giggle.

The BITCH team here decided we needed to bring back some classic silliness to these gloomy London winter days and  you have the first in the series. Watch, consider, laugh & finally, repeat dosage as required!

During BITCH’s younger days, we grew up watching ground breaking female comedians such as French & Saunders and shows created by women but loved by all, like the seminal Smack The Pony series. We’ve tried to bring some of those influences and merge them with the BITCH ethos, to create the smoothest blend of humour for the modern day woman. We’re sure you’ll appreciate our winter offering.

The videos were all filmed and edited by our fantastic video producer Zoltan Varga and make up was done by Kamila Siemiatkowska. All were directed and written by the company’s creative director Teresa Geer and produced by founder Sandra Donskyte. A special thanks to Millwall Football Club and the actors Catherine Eccles and Francis K.A. Pocu.

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Bitch on a Mission

Bitch loves missions. November was a very active month for the soon-to-be-launched online magazine Bitch. We thought we’d leave growing sexy moustaches to men last month and instead set out to explore events for businesswomen in London.

We duly discovered that women are certainly proactive in building their connections, promoting themselves and their businesses, sharing and celebrating their achievements and spreading the ‘female confidence’ germ around.

I, Sandra Donskyte, the founder of Bitch, attended the Aspire Leadership for the Future Conference ‘Life, Work, World’ organised by Aspire Network. I can certainly say it exceeded all my expectations.

I felt like I was afloat in a sea of ambition, inspiration, motivation, empowerment, love, laughter, tears and hugs. There was no room for empty glamour, female competition, cynicism or negativity. Just real women, with their raw emotions, proudly sharing the scars they’d got from the sometimes bumpy roads to success and career highs.


Aspiring leadership stories were told by a variety of women from corporate city firms such as Freshfields Magic Law Firm, leading advisory companies KPMG and Centrica. As well as stories from the business owners of companies such as WeightWatchers, Business in Red Shoes, Erotic Book Publisher Accent Press, Retail Profile Europe, a number of Social Enterprises and even in from those in government.

Many powerful and inspiring messages have been safely stored in my mental cloud for a rainy day, largely messages like ‘You are important to this country!’ by Baroness Verma, Government Spokesperson on Equalities and Women Issues. That one sentence is worth a thousand words, especially for a woman like me who comes from abroad. For every single pioneering entrepreneur, business leader and ambitious woman, we all sometimes fall off on that bumpy road, underestimate our mission, self-doubt and self-pity. But remember that what you do is important, to you, to the country and to Bitch.


A big thank you to Dr Samantha Collins and her team for organising the best, most touching and most insightful event into today’s world of female leaders. It is not just women’s quotas, the businesses they run, the departments and teams they manage in the city that matter. The speakers also reminded me of the importance of personal development, sharing their pearls of personal wisdom and lessons they have learnt.

Here are a few I share with you:

  • Determine How big your ‘NO’ is (Rebecca Maguire, CEO, Maguire Media Group)
  • Be a victor, not a victim (Lindy Wafula, CEO and Founder, Project Africa)
  • Crying is highly underrated (Dr Samantha Collins, CEO and founder of ASPIRE)
  • Be like a giant sponge – soak it all in (Vivien Matthews, Head of Human Resources, Henmans LLP)
  • Schedule yourself in your diary (Sharon Gladish, Senior Manager, Advisory KPMG LLP)
  • There is nothing wrong with asking for help (Julia Langkraehr, CEO and Founder, Retail Profile Ltd)

If you think or feel you are an outsider or better than everyone else, go to any event for women – observing women, talking to them and hearing what they say will balance your views. There is no reason why you should not be confident in yourself and what you do.

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There has been quite a bit of buzz recently about a new online magazine. There’s something special about it and it’s not just the shock of when we tell them the name. Bitch isn’t quite ready yet but it’s cooking up a storm in the kitchen.

Bitch isn’t just a shameless way to get attention; it really stands for something to the Founder Sandra Donskyte and Creative Director Teresa Geer. Bitch stands for Bold, Intelligent and in Total Control of Herself. It is for women that embody and aspire to be all of these things. Which in most cases are the ambitious, entrepreneurial women who are increasing by numbers every single day.

Bold women are ladies that are true to themselves and aren’t afraid to put themselves out there and be who they want to be in order to succeed and achieve their ambitions. Bitch is for Intelligent women that are fed up of being constantly bombarded with mindless media about celeb gossip and ‘10 ways to decrease your IQ’ more by every article you consume. We all at some point are not in Total Control of ourselves, but we believe at Bitch that with strong thought leadership we can aspire to make the choices in our lives that put us in control of our careers and lifestyle.

We’ve certainly received some mixed feedback from people when we tell them our brand name. We like to tell people about the magazine first of all and then hit them with the name, the response is usually (gaping mouth wide open) “I didn’t see that coming!” It makes many people laugh and smile, it offends and possibly alienates some, but we’ve found our target market not only get it but love it too.

As we start going to events that connect and promote female entrepreneurs it’s clear as day there is a gap in the publications market for these kinds of fantastic, inspiring women. Somebody said to us, ‘so it’s a magazine to boost women’s egos?’ We reply, that is what the typical female publication does, Bitch is in no way typical and the type of women we target are strong, bold, independent women with well enough balanced egos already. Bitch sees there is no need to try to empower what is obviously already empowered and snowballing its way to the top, but instead to inform, entertain and provide strong thought leadership. Welcome to the new era of Bitch!